FULL GROOM - includes a full consultation, claw trimming, ears and eyes cleaned, coat fully brushed through using John Paul Mitchell dry foam shampoo or conditioning spray, full body and sanitary wipe leaving your cat smelling beautiful.

TEDDY BEAR OR LION CLIP - includes a full consultation, claw trimming, ears and eyes cleaned, either Teddy Bear clip (shortening the coat to look like a teddy bear) or Lion Clip (removing all of the coat except for head and legs)  full body and sanitary wipe.

SANITARY CLIP - this is a clip of the bum area, down the hind legs and inside the hind legs. Full wipe to finish leaving your cat smelling fresher.

EXTRA CHARGES - in the case of cats with severley matted or pelted coats (and the need for clippers to be used to remove them) there may be an additional charge of up to £20 incurred. 

ALL PRICES ARE A STARTING PRICE - Costs will vary on the size of the cat, the condition of its coat, its age and whether it has any medical conditions. A price will be agreed before grooming begins once the cats coat has been assessed and we have discussed your cat in detail.

All visits incur a mobile visit charge.

Terms and Conditions


Services offered - Dry bath using top quality products Removal of mats


                                             LION CLIP

Small            £50                        £70                       £30                      Between                                            

Medium        £60                        £80                      £40                     £5 and £30

Large            £70                        £90                       £50              Depends on mileage


​1. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions (T&Cs).

(a) All bookings are subject to the T&Cs below. Variations to the T&Cs may be made from time to time and You are responsible for keeping abreast of any such changes. Booking an appointment with Love Cats Groomer constitutes a contract and affirms You are accepting the T&Cs Conditions below. 

(b) Within the T&Cs, all references to "You" denote the Owner or Responsible Person of the cat. All References to "I", “Me” or "We" denote Love Cats Groomer.

2. Cancellation / Rescheduling of Appointment.

Should You wish to cancel your appointment, (this must be done by telephone NOT e-mail) and at least 48 hours before. During this time I am usually able to adjust scheduling and book out your cancelled appointment to another client. As a small business, cancellations have a detrimental effect on us. 

3. Payment.

Following the appointment, the full payment is due immediately by cash only.

4. Prices.

A guideline of Prices is laid out on the website. Any price quoted / discussed at the point of booking the appointment is a guide only. The price of the groom will be determined by numerous factors which can only be established upon meeting and working with your cat. You agree to pay the price evaluated by me. 

5. Health.

(a) I deliver a professional mobile cat grooming service with hygiene at the forefront of my mind. I take every precaution to eliminate the spread of disease and ensure the use of a fresh uniform and disinfected equipment for each appointment.

(b) The utmost care is taken to ensure your cat is handled sensitively, with its health considered. However, if the services of a veterinarian are required, I will advise You immediately. In the case of an incident or serious medical problem being discovered during grooming, the grooming session will be stopped and You agree to seek appropriate veterinarian treatment. The full cost of the groom will still apply.

(c) You must inform me of the cat’s health history. You agree that I am not responsible for any pre-existing problems or conditions found during the grooming process, and You agree to pay all medical treatment incurred due to such. Anita Richardson of Love Cats Groomer is not a veterinarian and any advice given regarding health problems should at all times by checked with a licensed veterinarian. You are urged to seek professional advice from your veterinarian regarding any health concerns. Any grooming which takes place on your cat, is at your risk.

(d) I will bring to your attention any irregularities noticed during the grooming session. This is not a professional medical examination / opinion. For this you must consult your veterinarian.

(e) You agree that I will not be held liable for any after-grooming effects or subsequent bad health. This includes, but is not limited to, any after-grooming effects of clipping procedures or problems 'uncovered' by clipping off a coat. This could include, but is not limited to itchiness, skin redness, irritations or abrasions however caused.

(f) You need to be aware that if hair is clipped away due to matting, your outdoor cat is able to catch a cold if the weather is cold. You are advised to keep your cat warm/ indoors/clothed whilst the re-growth occurs.

6. Coat Condition.

(a) In the event that your cat needs a clip due to a matted coat, You should be aware that irritation may occur from the shaving process and occasionally small nicks may occur due to the proximity of matted fur to the skin. All clips (including full clips / belly clips / lion cuts) may uncover nicks, scabs, cuts, fungal or bacterial issues, pre-existing irritation or other potential problems. You agree to pay all costs for the groom, even if I am unable to fully complete the task.

(b) Dematting / detangling of matted fur may cause patchiness and hair loss. Consent to remove the matted hair is on this understanding. Excessive dematting can be a very painful and dangerous process for your pet. If the matting has developed into a pad close to the skin, I will clip under mats with electric clippers to remove them. I will assess each case individually and discuss options with you. You need to be aware that clipping a coat can result in a structural change to the hair, which may result in colour variation upon re-growth. Also, please be aware that shaving your cat will dramatically alter its appearance, with the hair clipped very close to the skin.

7. Behaviour. I reserve the right to refuse to groom your cat for the safety of the groomer and your cat. A soft muzzle may be used or services discontinued or refused, for the wellbeing of your cat and the groomer. Please note that sedation is never used.

8. Photographs/Personal Data. You consent to Me using photographs of your cat taken by Me, for use on My website/social media sites/printed materials. I will never sell copies/grant copyright to 3rd parties without your consent. By signing the Grooming Record/Owner’s Consent Form you agree to Love Cats Groomer holding the data contained on that form. This data is stored for exclusive use by Love Cats Groomer and will not be provided to any third party.

9. Links to Other Websites. Links to other sites are for information only. I have no control over the content of other websites and accept no responsibility for any loss/ damage that may arise upon accessing them.

10. Insurance. Love Cats Groomer holds full Public Liability insurance, which can be viewed upon request.

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