Portable Cat Carrier Bag Top Opening

Removable Mat and Breathable Mesh, Foldable Cat Carrier Transport Bag for Dogs and Cats, with Shoulder Strap and Pet Bowl

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PetSafe Scoop Free Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

Automatic Cat Litter Tray, Crystal Cat Litter, Disposable Cat Litter Tray, Hygienic, Odour Free.

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The ScoopFree ultra automatic self cleaning litter box offers a practical and hygienic solution to your cat's waste disposal. Once the cat has safely left the litter box the easy cleaning process begins. A feature of this ultra model is that the adjustable rake delay can be set to activate either 5, 10 or 20 minutes after use. The automated rake will quietly move the cat's waste into a hidden area. The tray's blue crystals absorb mess, dry solid waste and eliminate odour, allowing the tray to be reused for up to 30 days (based on one cat). The health counter tracks how many times the Litterbox has been used to help identify possible health problems with your cat. This hassle-free alternative uses up to 10 times less litter than traditional litter boxes and ideally reduces the time spent cleaning up after your feline. The ScoopFree also maintains discretion with the litter box privacy hood and silent motor. Product Dimensions Litter area - 35.5 x 35.5 cm Exterior dimensions (L x W x H) - 69.5 x 48.2 x 17.85 cm Height with hood attached - 43 cm - In the Box Contains Adaptor with 1.8 m power cord Litter tray filled with premium blue crystal litter Privacy hoodType your paragraph here.

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GREAT DESIGN: This portable pet bag is made of durable polyester, it can keep in good shape because of the support board. Meanwhile, it has breathable mesh on top and sides to ensure circulation of air inside the box and also allow your little friend to look around. There is a small pocket on the outside of the bag to store treats and things you need for your pet.
PRACTICAL AND PORTABLE: The size of this product is 16.2*9.45*12.1 inch. Recommended for pets up to 15 lbs. Please measure your pet's size and reserve extra space leave for your pets before purchase, in case the carrier is not fixed for your pet. It comes with a folding blue bowl and a soft cushion inside the bag. With this lightweight bag, you can take your pet anywhere, and let your pets have a wonderful and happy trip.

WIDE USE: You can use it as a tote bag or shoulder bags with the top handle and adjustable strap. The carrying handles with a pad is very comfortable to hold. Perfect for vet visits, transportation by car, train, plane, etc.
SIMPLE CLEANING: This pet carrier is dark in colour, it is not easy to get dirty. You can clean the stains and dirt from the surface with a soft brush. The soft cushion inside the bag is removable and can be washed by hand or machine! It allows you to easily solve all stains without worries.

Suitable for cats with a longer coat
Remove any tangles and loose hair
Designed to be easy to use
Helps to detect fleas and nits
Designed for an easy grooming experiences

Another must have for your cat.

Because of the two different length teeth and the narrow spaces between them, you can really get into the root of the cats fur, and tease the knots out. If you do this on a daily basis, you should never have to clip the knots away.

PetSafe Scoop Free Replacement Crystal Cat Litter Tray

​REDUCE ODOUR The Tray's crystals absorb waste and all foul smells and locks in odour which leaves the litter box smelling clean and fresh
HANDS-OFF With this disposable tray, you don't have to see, touch or smell messy waste - simply replace the disposable tray every few weeks. Load it, Leave it, Lose it
LESS MESS – DUST FREE: Low tracking crystals don’t stick to your cat’s feet and are 99 Percent dust free
LEAK PROTECTION Plastic tray lining creates a powerful extra barrier to help protect against leaks
TRAY COMPATIBILITY The Crystal cat litter tray is compatible with the both the Original and Ultra Scoop Free Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Zoom Groom


Easy grip brush is flexible and gentle
Groom, bathe and massage your cat
Helps prevent hairball formation
Durable material for extended use
Ergonomic grip for easy use

This is a fantastic brush - not for removing knots, but for helping your cat maintain a healthy coat. 

Brushing daily with this, removes large amounts of dead hair away from the coat. It also stimulates the blood circulation of your cat (like having a massage) It also brings the cats own natural oils through the coat which helps the coat become silky, hence less knots.  This is a must for your cat. 

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